Mortification of Sin, John Owen

This is a complete audio version of the Mortification of Sin by John Owen in mp3 format. It is not read by a human voice, but rather converted to voice with my text to speech software. My vision is poor, so whenever I can I find my books in text format and read them by converting them to mp3 and listening. It’s a lot easier on my eyes. Whenever the book is in the public domain, I try to make my audiobooks available to as many folks as I can. This jewel is an incredible little Puritan book. I hope the audio quality is sufficient and that this little version proves a blessing to many. Note that unlike my copy of Luther’s Bondage of the Will, I haven’t had a chance to prepare the text of this book yet for the text reader. As a result, this book will have more mispronunciations and difficult sentences than the Bondage of the Will. If folks do download this and find it difficult to understand compared to the Bondage of the Will, then feel free to leave comments to that effect. I’ll make the time to clean this book up as well if it looks like it will be helpful to some.