Earl Paulk Mona Brewer & Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit

I am Jack’s raging bile duct.

I love God.

I love people.

So does He.

This is why I get utterly furious when I learn about pastoral sex scandals and folks using God as a tool to take advantage of the unsuspecting.

So, as the world now knows, Earl Paulk, the so-called “Archbishop,” the great founder of the “Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit,” is the unholy father of his nephew by his own brother’s wife. Also, it seems he manipulated another woman into sleeping with him many times over the course of more than a decade by convincing her it was her only path to salvation. What does he make of the warning of scripture that those who become teachers face a stricter judgment? What of the words of our Lord who warned/promised that what is whispered in secret will soon be proclaimed from the housetops? Has he no fear?

When I read of such great wickedness it makes me long for the justice of God who will deliver his people from such great enemies of their souls.

Apparently Mona Brewer was a member of the church’s music ministry when she was invited to meet Paulk in his office to chat. She felt it was a great honor to meet the “prophet” in person.

“Nobody got to do that. I mean, he was awesome. I mean, everybody wanted to talk to him. And he just invited me to his office to talk to him for a few minutes. And that was really incredible.”

When she entered his office she was told to remove her clothes because he would “have to love her.” Brewer later said the following about how Paulk justified his abuse.

“He said, 'you know, the adultery issue was for the little ones.' It was for the — the people, the, you know, commoners. It wasn’t for people who God elevated and trusted with special things like this, relationships like this. And that’s the way he explained it to me.”

The only part of this story that I took any pleasure in at all was that when Brewer’s husband found out what his pastors had done with his wife he invited them for a visit and confronted them. When they tried to justify their evil he decked them both. True story. There’s the photos.

I wish Brewer would have never taken her clothes off for this pervert in the first place, but rather warned him about the wrath of a holy God upon men who do such things. It reminds me of The Green Mile where John Coffey says with tears on his face, ‘He killed them with their love.’

coffey.jpgI pray so earnestly that God will deliver his church from such men. I pray he will keep me and all his kids from doing such evil. I long to always live the sort of life that I can be filled with hope by our Lord’s promise that what is hidden will be revealed and what is whispered will be shouted from rooftops. Oh that it will be always my good deeds that are done in secret and not wickedness.

There is one other part of this story I really delighted in. Mrs. Brewer’s faith in God was not crushed through this ordeal. Her last words in her CNN interview with Paula Zahn were “I know that God vindicates the righteous.”

How I long for her vindication and that of all God’s righteous ones. God deliver your people from such evil and swiftly deliver evildoers unto justice.

As I said in another place about Benny Hinn, deeds like Paulk’s remove all the difficulty for me in the doctrine of a literal and eternal Hell.